We Transform

Women's Lives

Ancient Wisdom

Knowledge really is power. The tools found in this school empower the care of the emotional, physical and spiritual self evolving your relationship with your health and reducing symptoms in every phase of life

The Language

Learn the language your body is lovingly trying to communicate with you in. Collectively women are not taught to see the symptoms their body is experiencing as the body’s way of communicating to you what it needs.

Sync Your Cycle

Learning about your cycle allows you to make meaningful changes in your work flow, life planning and more to harness the gifts in each phase to be the unstoppable force that you are - all while reducing symptoms when the period arrives

Never Too Late

Whether you are still in your bleeding years or they have come to a close, learning about the needs of your body helps you reduce symptoms in every life phase ( yes - even IF you no longer physically have a uterus.)

Meet The Creatrix

Adrienne Irizarry, is a Holistic Women’s Health Practitioner using non-invasive approaches to restoring harmony and health in women’s bodies. Using her experience as a pelvic steaming practitioner, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner, herbalist and Chinese nutritional therapist, Adrienne’s mission is to empower women to heal their bodies naturally.

Featured in the Top 10 Health Industry Disruptor for 2023 in Apple News and Grit Daily News, you are in good hands and will be learning from a leading reproductive rebel.

Adrienne invites you to join her in the movement to change women’s health - one uterus at a time.


Group Sessions

Sound Baths

Discover all the ways you can enjoy sound baths as an individual, a group of family and friends, or a business.


Professional Development Opportunities

Holistic Women's Health™ Certification Program

Understand the unique rhythms of a woman's body, work to educate and empower clients to live their healthiest lives. Study the stages of a woman's life and how to support them from a Chinese Medicine perspective. Identify and address the root cause of disharmony. Learn which food and lifestyle practices will help. Critical thinking skills to individualize plans and coach clients. Business startup skills and more!

ACUTONICS® Practitioner Trainings

Rooted in contemporary science, East Asian Medicine, psychology and music theory, ACUTONICS® is an applied methodology with broad clinical applications in the practice of both Western and Eastern medicine. During training, students explore powerful combinations of acupuncture points and sound vibration techniques that are easily adapted into clinical practice or used for self-care. Gain valuable knowledge that can be immediately implemented to promote optimal health and well-being.

Herbal Traditions for Women’s Wellness

A course for herbalists looking to practice herbal traditions for women’s health.

It is designed to give you all the analysis, formulation, pelvic steaming and coaching skills to bring women’s health as a focal point in your work as an herbalist.


Interactive Self-Care Courses

Coming Into Second Spring

Designed teach you about what changes are taking place in your body and how you can support yourself going into the perimenopause years and beyond to reduce symptoms and transition gracefully.

Cycle Productivity Secrets

A working woman's guide to increasing productivity and decreasing period symptoms.

Learning the phases of your cycle and the strengths we possess at each of these phases changes our experience with our work and our life from surviving to thriving.

Relax and Restore

Relax and Restore teaches you how to use the Acutonics Ohmworks®: Ohm® Middle Unison Tuning Fork Set to bring relaxation and nourishment for the physical and emotional body into your self-care routine.


Rebalance teaches you how to use the Acutonics® Mars/Venus Tuning Fork Set to bring the gifts of this 5th interval into your self-care routine to create balance to the physical and emotional body.


Self-Study Courses

Body Basics

In this course you will learn the basics to understanding your body and the way it functions, as it pertains to women's health.

Although "basic" is in the title, you'd be surprised just how many women are unaware of exactly how their reproductive cycle's work.

Here is the first step in your journey to being symptom free.

This course is the gateway into the practice and must be taken prior to new client intake appointments.

Menstrual Cups

Have you considered using a menstrual cup or a menstrual disc? Is the "how to" part stopping you?

Learn how to insert, remove and care for a menstrual cup. This course answers common concerns women have about trying a cup including what to do in a public bathroom, sanitizing and more.

You may be surprised at what a menstrual cup can do for you.

Proper Period Care

How you care for your body during your period is one of the most important lifestyle changes to make.

A few small changes during your bleeding days will change how you feel for the duration of your cycle.

Learn about self-care practices to use during your period that will help reduce symptoms and improve your health for your entire cycle.